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Hong Kongers in Britain ( 英國港僑協會) aim to unite the people of Hong Kong in the UK, and build an alliance with the international HongKongers community. As the need to support Hong Kongers living in the UK arises, Hong Kongers in Britain would like to build a community in the UK. Whether people are still considering moving to the UK, or already settled here, HKB would offer a platform for HongKongers to support each other, enabling them to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Hongkongers in Britain is a registered organisation in the UK, serving as:
a medium between Hongkongers and local communities.
a forum to allow people to create connections.
a platform to inspire activities culturally & economically
a british community for hongkongers.

Together HKB will stand and rebuild that special and historical linkage again in the UK.

Hong Kongers in Britain

Hong Kongers in Britain
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